Back to School!

Well this year all 3 kids are in school!! K, 1st and 2nd grades. Whew! You know my thoughts on K (projects for parents that the kids can’t do themselves) so I am glad this is the last year I have to do it!! 🙂

We still transfer the kids to another district in our town and I still love it! Z no longer needs a tutor because she is finally caught up and taking school more seriously. It’s amazing what maturity comes in the second grade! More than that, though, it is a blessing to see the maturity that comes once your child makes Jesus their Lord and Savior! Yeah, Z!! One down, two to go! 🙂

K is still going strong on peeing her feelings instead of discussing them. The washer and her room she shares with Z started smelling so horrible we had to put K downstairs in a sleeping bag. Then that room started to smell so we finally just started buying diapers with her allowance money and she gets to work for us to pay off her debt each week on her allowance (diapers are expensive so since she has chosen to use her money to buy those, she doesn’t have any left to earn). It is nice having someone to fold the towels and help pick up leaves each week! 🙂

She is still doing well in school although she gets her color changed more often this year-surprisingly enough for talking! She is usually so quiet but she has started to open up a lot more. She wets her diaper about 3 times a week now. Mostly losing allowance money for color changes. Two years into the adoption if this is all we have left to deal with for her that is fine with me! I keep telling myself and my husband this will stop when boys become interesting! 🙂

M has started school and is doing well! I got him into 504 right away (helps to have been a school counselor and know how to get stuff done and what they have to do) to help with his fine motor skills (he gets a pencil gripper, large crayons and more time/help with writing, scissors, etc.). His stroke that caused the Cerebral Palsy at birth does not effect him cognitively but it does effect how he sees words on a page and his muscle strength. His docs say he has to memorize the letters facing the right way and then he will be fine but it just takes time. Right now he turns the paper upside to write his name. I think we are finally getting to the point where he knows where to write it. One letter is always backwards but this week I saw some progress in the right direction on that.

His teacher says he is one of the smartest kids in her class. Whew! He does well with his behavior in school and I think that is due to the structure we implemented at home, but also our decision to put him in day school as soon as we adopted him to catch him up developmentally and get him used to school. Now if we can only get him to realize the bus is still school…

The kids still Skype with their foster grandparents whenever the grandmother asks, which seems to be once every three months or so. The kids do not mention them anymore nor do they ask to speak with them but when they Skype they do ask them to come over just like they would any other person they talk to!

We have been able to start taking family vacations, especially over Spring Break. At first the kids were nervous about going somewhere and wondered if we would come back but now they are used to it. We LOVE to stay at a 2-bedroom, 2-bath Staybridge Suites room with a kitchen. We can eat a lot of meals in the hotel and there is plenty of room for everyone. When K was still peeing everything it was also nice to have the laundry facilities but now that we have diapers it is even easier.

Well that is all I can think of for now! Please keep praying for our family and that K and M make the same decision Z has to ask Jesus to be the boss of their lives!


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  1. Bridget Ortigo

    Hello, Dr. Whedbee, I’m working on a Lifestyle feature story for the Longview News-Journal and would like to get some professional comments from a counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist. If you would like to further discuss this with me, please send me an email at Thanks!

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