Adoption in Real Life

So we have had our three beautiful kids for two weeks now. It gets better every day, but it was really hard at first on everyone. It was overwhelming to have three people who can talk and tell you things and ask for stuff and need constant attention show up all at once. The mornings were and are especially hard for me since I am not a morning person. Our boy was getting up at 5:30am and that did not work for anyone! One of my friends who I call my “expert” told me to tell them they can’t come out until the clock has a 7 on it. What a great idea! We went a step further and set the alarm. First it was set for 7, but I changed it to 7:30. I don’t think the neighbors appreciate them playing outside at 7:30 once they’ve eaten breakfast and put their play clothes on!

My husband is a wonderful father and a great help. I definitely could not do this without him! He takes the morning shift and I take the day. Then we both do dinner and bath and bed time when he doesn’t have to go back to work at night. The routine is going great and everyone is starting to get used to each other–except one of our dogs. He has decided he does not like all the noise and attention so he spends most of his day under the bed and the other part peeing on the floor. Rough times! I had a talk with him about that yesterday, and so far he has not done it today.

Our boy has always had trouble going to bed, but now we have got him getting in his bed at the same time as the girls and staying in it until he falls asleep, praise the Lord! He is also sleeping through the nights now without waking up and screaming, which again, is a welcome change for everyone! 🙂

The oldest has had the hardest time because she remembers the most. She is much better now, though, and responds to what I am teaching her about being a good person, so praise the Lord for that, too!

The best decision we made was to put our boy in preschool at our church each day. The girls are older and were leaving him out and I could not play with him all the time, either, so now he is with kids his age every day and learning new things. He has grown up significantly because of this, which is a great blessing.

Our middle girl goes to MDO two days a week which is good for her and her sister. They need a break from each other every now and then!

Our oldest starts Kindergarten in August and I am working with her on writing her name and her letters and numbers. She was resistant to the idea of school at first, but gets more accepting of it every day. She asks to drive by the school every now and then so that helps.

We also have a little girl they met who is now coming to play with us four days a week. I am so glad they have  some friends now. It really helps them and me. Thanks for praying for us and please keep it up!




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  1. Father Panagiotis (Peter)

    What a beautiful post. I found this blog by accident from a link off of a Twitter post. God bless you for being willing and loving enough, along with your husband, to adopt children. I pray that God will grant you strength and peace in your heart to be good parents.

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