Free My Kids! Part 2

Well, as you know from Part 1 of this post, when I talked with the kids’ caseworker’s supervisor, I gave him the deadline of June 20 to get everything done so we could do full disclosure that day and then visitation so we could take our kids home after vacation.

Well, Monday of our vacation we were told by the adoption worker that she could not say the paperwork would be done by that date, much less by the end of that whole week. Then she said visitation had to be three pre-adopt visits, even though we had already discussed since we live out of state, we could do the visitation consecutively and then take our kids home.

Needless to say I wasn’t pleased with any of this information. I reminded her of our conversation about consecutive visitation, which she admitted she did say and backed off of. The problem was she wasn’t backing off of the paperwork getting done by the deadline.

So, I emailed the supervisor of the caseworker who was supposed to make sure the packets got to the adoption worker and said, based on what the adoption worker was saying, it was time for me to call the state capital to get them some help.

Lo and behold by Wednesday morning, when I asked for an update, he said the packets had been delivered to the adoption worker that morning. She confirmed this when I emailed to ask her about it. Little did any of them know we had already called the state office Monday evening.

The adoption worker then told me that even though she had the packets, it would take her a long time to audit them and document the information we would have to read for full disclosure and that it would not be done by Monday.

I reiterated that my husband had taken off work for this and that he could not do that again so I asked if we could help her. She said that was not an option because we are not allowed to see the files until she is done with them.

So I asked if there was anyone there we could ask to help her. She said if she needs help, she is fully capable of asking for it and would not need my help. I told her that was fine, apologized it had taken so long to get the packets to her, but that I had done everything I could to get them to her that day, and then I said the best help I could give her was to pray and let her know there were a lot of people praying for her.

The next email she sent was astounding. She said, “No offense, but i would appreciate it if you would not use your religious beliefs or practices in any of your future professional interactions with me.” Wow! I was offended and then I was sad for her. I also sent out a request for even more prayers for this woman. She obviously needs them! That email explained a lot about her cold, careless attitude towards this whole process. Sad.

As of today, we still don’t know when the paperwork will be done or when we will get out kids, but we know God does and are still praying it will be next week. I invite you to join us in this prayer, especially that the adoption worker will get everything done by Monday. I know she will appreciate it! 🙂


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